Home Remedy for Cough: SITOPALAADI CHURNA

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There are different causes of COUGH, Sudden exposure to cold weather, drinking cold water while body is sweating, drinking cold water or cold drink along with hot snacks generally result into COUGHING.


Continuous coughing leading to pain in the chest, hoarse voice, headache  etc. The cough may be dry or wet. In dry cough, there is sensation or irritation causing cough without mucus coming out. 


Generally people resort to allopathic medication which are generally very strong with side effects.  However, COUGH can be cured using a home made remedy. SITOPALAADI CHURNA (powder) is one of the basic and very effective remedies for all kinds of cough.  This is simple to prepare at home.


Procedure of making SITOPALAADI CHURNA :


Take following ingredients in given proportion:

  1. Cinnamon  (दालचीनी)                                         - 5 grams
  2. Black Cardamom (बडी इलायची)                           - 10 grams
  3. Long Pepper (छोटी पीपल)                                   - 20 grams
  4. Concretion of  Bambus arundinacia (बन्सलोचन)   - 40 grams
  5. Purified Sugar Candy (मिश्री)                              - 80 grams


Dry these (1 to 4) in sunlight for a day or two to remove the moisture.  Grind all the ingredients to make very fine powder.  Mix all these together and keep in a dry, airtight container.  This is SITOPLAADI CHURNA (सितोपलादी चूर्ण).




Based on the different types of cough/their symptoms, following dosage should be taken with respective adjuvants:

  1. Dry cough with minimal mucus, grey or black coloured – 5 gm ghee, 2.5 gm honey and 3 gm of sitopalaadi powder
  2. Moderate mucus, yellowish or green in colour – 2.5 gm ghee, 5 gm honey and 3 gm of sitopalaadi powder
  3. Productive cough with cloudy and white sticky mucus - 5gm honey and 3 gm of sitopalaadi powder
  4. Injury related cough – 250 mg Praval Pishti (Red Coral powder)  5 gm ghee, 2.5 gm honey and 3 gm of sitopalaadi powder
  5. Chronic cough – 3 gm of Liquirice powder, 3 gm sitopalaadi powder with milk

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