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Ayurveda is one of oldest and holistic medical science that can cure almost any kind of disease. The main classical Ayurveda treatises begin with stories of transfer of medical knowledge from the Gods (Dhanvantari) to sages, and then to human physicians (Shushruta).  Though the general impression about Ayurveda is that it takes very long to cure the disease, it is actually wrong notion.  Generally, the time taken to cure a disease is proportional to the duration of illness.  Older the diseases, longer may be the treatment.  This field of medicine believes that imbalance of (VATA (Air), PITTA (Bile) and COUGH (Phlegm) causes a diseases, and by restoring their balance, one may be cured fully.  Ayurveda covers all the aspects of medicine such as general medicine, paediatrics, surgery, ENT, Psychology, toxicology, tonics and vitality.


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