About Us

Astrology section is about inherited ancient wisdom presented before us bysages like Kashyap, Parashar, Jaimini, Bhrigu, Agastya and many others fromtime to time. One may seek consultation about their problems or issues in lifethrough this portal for betterment in personal, professional or family matters. Through personal consultations, onecan get to know remedial measures which must be taken for improvement in life,the remedies that need to done under expert guidance (Parashar/Bhrigu propounded)and the remedies which can be done by the person himself/herself (Lal KitabSystem). The birth rectification is also done with the help of K. P. System (KrishnamurthyPaddhati). Mantras (hymns) from ancient texts are also provided.

Health section deals with ways of living healthy and curing diseases throughalternative ways such as Yoga, Pranayam, Accupressure and Naturopathy. Simpleand practical suggestions are given here for keeping oneself healthy withoutmedication. Home-remedies for general ailments based on the knowledge that was generated by humans over many generation,but is forsaken or forgotten now are also given.

Quality Systems section is about fundamental ways to understand and implementquality systems (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485 etc.) in big or small organizationsfor creating discipline and qualitative improvement in work.  The basicand important aspects of quality system such as quality concepts, and quality tools and techniques are sharedhere in very simple and lucid language.  This helps in increasing thegeneral understanding about very fundamental things such as writing a standardoperating procedure (SOP's) or quality system procedure (QSP's), quality manual(QM) or preparing training materials for quality management systemimplementation etc. for any type of organization.