About Expertdrona
“As long as I live, so long do I learn.”
Swami RamaKrishna Paramhamsa


Knowledge is key to success and learning never ends.  It is important that whatever we learn is shared with the mankind to maintain the continuity as well as the relevance of knowledge.  My mission of starting Expertdrona.com is to share my personal knowledge and experience in the streams of my personal interest and help the society through these streams of knowledge.


Expertdrona.com deals with three knowledge streams i.e. Astrology, Health and Quality Systems.  The three sections are written on basis of personal knowledge and experience.


“That knowledge of the field of activities and of the knower of activities is described by various sages in various writings (since time immemorial).”
Lord Shri Krishna (Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Chapter 13, Verse 5)



The Astrology section is about Vedic or Indian Astrology, the mantras, prayers and other subjects of theological and religious interest. Besides providing access to the Vedic Prayers, and Mantras, it offers consultation about important matters of life such as career, education, life etc. All the queries that are received through this portal are personally answered after careful analysis of the respective birth or horary charts.


The Health section is about the natural and simple remedies for general well being. It includes subjects like  and traditional ayurvedic medicines, acupressure, yoga, pranayam and naturopathy.  It intends to give simple tips to cure common ailments, manage weight and active body and mind.


The Quality Systems section deals with spreading the understanding of basic concepts of quality in business, particularly the manufacturing sector. It intends to make the quality concepts understandable by a layman who wants to know and implement quality in the business arena.